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Wedding at The Fairmont BermudaVicky and Samir

The first ever Indian Wedding at the Fairmont in Bermuda and I’m am not the least surprised why Vicky and Sam decided on this location. The island is truly magical with it’s stunning views of the bright blue sea, the rows of colourful houses and most of all it’s the warmth and easy going nature of all the local Bermudians.

Vicky the London girl and Sam the boy from New York met far out in Mumbai.  “At first when we were dinning at Tuckers Point I thought Sam was going to propose to me there, but having our wedding on an Island was definitely the better option” Vicky told me. 

This was the first time we met Sam and spending the first day with the two of them strolling through St. Georges town was the perfect way of getting to know them both. The plan was to shoot some engagement portraits and head back to the beach to catch the sunset. Little did we all know there was no chance of getting a taxi from the town after office hours. Eventually we spent an hour on a packed bus, Vicky sat on Sam’s lap and through the crowd we were able to capture the final shot of them. 

The ceremony was set on the lawn of the Fairmont Southampton. During the garland exchange Vicky made it a little challenging for Sam and the crowd burst out in laughter. It was such a perfect moment for these two as they are always full of life and energy. 

Later that evening there seemed to be a battle amongst the London and New York crowd at the bar. I don’t know who won but Vicky certainly was feeling the effects of the tequila. She came running over to me and said “I’m jumping into the sea in my dress, Sam are you coming?” I don’t think sam had any choice there but it was the perfect way to finish the night! Drenched and soaked they headed back to the dance floor and continued the celebrations till morning. 

We had such a wonderful time and got to work with some of the most amazing and fun vendors. We miss all of you so much! 


Wedding Photography by Zurihsia Studios at The Fairmont in Bermuda

  • Fantastic place and really well captured pictures.

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