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Swahili Beach Resort Wedding in MombasaShyamolae and Karan

Swahili Beach Resort in Mombasa is one of our favourite venues for Weddings! Shy told us when they first started planning their Wedding they looked at Marrakech, Thailand, India and a few other destinations, however, nothing felt quite like home.

Karan’s father has spent his last few years running his beautiful hotel (Swahili Beach) in the South Coast of Mombasa. Soon it all just fell into place for them. It’s not everyday people can say they got married in a stunning backdrop which was so tastefully designed and built by their father.

That coupled with Shy and her Mum’s vision they created the most perfect setting for the two families to come together.

There was so much love and energy across the four days of the wedding….and a few hangovers each morning too 🙂

Coming from two separate cultures they hosted an elegant Sikh Ceremony in the grand foyer of the hotel followed by a dazzling Hindu ceremony by the poolside dome.

Each night had it’s own charm, the Sangeet like a scene from the movie ‘Devdas’ which is known for it’s grandeur sets where Salim & Sulaiman were flown in specially to perform. Their friends, cousins and Shy and Karan themselves had choreographed dances to woo the guests.

Shy and Karan both gave a heartfelt speech on the night of the candlelit and moonlit reception. The two of them share so much love and as some of the guests said ‘the happiness just oozes out from both of them’.

Shy and Karan we cannot thank you both enough for all your generosity and warmth. You are both incredibly kind and gorgeous and rarely do you see that hand in hand.

We had an absolutely amazing time shooting alongside the boys from Reel Vision and it was great fun hanging out with some of our closest friends….Kanval we cannot wait to see you in a few weeks 🙂

Wedding Photography by Zurihsia Studios at the Swahili Beach Resort in Mombasa

Bridal Makeup by Namrata Soni

Namrata Soni, a renowned makeup artist, with an exceptional and unique style has reached audiences in a range of mediums, from magazine covers to feature films and Ad films.

Her works have featured in the world’s top publications including: Vogue, Lofficiel, Elle, Harpers bazar, Wallpaper magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and many more

  • Keria Mary Mungai said:

    What a spectacular wedding! The bride is so gorgeous..and what a beautiful smile! You guys captured all the love and joy amazingly! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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