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Leopard Beach Resort Wedding in MombasaAzzrah and Mayur

Leopard Beach Resort in Mombasa was the amazing venue for the Wedding of Azzrah and Mayur. Traditionally the yellow ‘Haldi’ is applied to the bride a few reasons. It is known to bless the couple with fortune and to take away any pre-wedding jitters. It is also known to be an defoliant, leaving the bride’s skin soft and glowy for her big day.

Unfortunately for Azzrah and Mayur, little did they know that their Haldi mix also contained flour, milk, eggs and if I can remember beer too all thanks to their brothers! 

Azzrah’s father was the first to jump in line to destroy her…

Thankfully for all the family Azzrah was such a sport about it. She was so relaxed in fact that on the morning of her wedding she uttered the words ‘Beena I don’t know where my ceremony is taking place , but if you walk down to the beach I’m sure you’ll find the set up somewhere!’
We had such a great time and can’t thank Azzrah and Mayur enough for trusting us to photograph their Wedding. Thank you Khatidja for bringing us together, I can’t wait for our girly weekend in New York ☺


  • Sheraz Khwaja said:

    Cracking set Guys. Very well done! Looks like you all had a blast with this one.

  • Shahed said:

    I rarely look through a blog post set of images twice but these were too good not to! Absolutely awesome work!

  • Rob said:

    You have a way of capturing such fun in your images. Excellent work!

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